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Global Flavors Tailored to Your Taste Buds!

Catering servers in Brooklyn

First, to provide quality food and superior service at affordable prices.

Second, to combine the freshest ingredients with proven techniques and innovative ideas to create foods which offer an exquisite array of color, style, and taste packed with nutrients.

Third, fruits and vegetables are blended synergistically to provide optimum health benefits to the consumer.

Our Ultimate Goal

Owner of Jamit Bistro, a Jamaican Restaurant in Brooklyn

A Treasured Connection: From Our Family to Yours

We are a full-service off-premises catering & event planning with a take-out restaurant centrally located in Red Hook
Brooklyn NY.


We have been serving up the best-catered food in Brooklyn for the past 14 years, and keeps growing, offering you the best service and quality in food service industry. You can trust our expertise in offsite catering, buffets, corporate catering, indoor and outdoor events, receptions, party platter, hot and cold food preparation.


With a team of creative professionals and years of catering and restaurant experience, we truly are the best choice for a caterer in the New York area. Be it a corporate event or a private party, we'll make it an affair to remember.

Family eating at the best & affordable restaurant in Brooklyn

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Ready to tantalize your taste buds? Discover Jamit Bistro & Catering in Brooklyn.




Our kitchen is more than just a kitchen—it's a flavor lab! We're passionate about infusing traditional Jamaican and fusion catering techniques with a modern twist.

The outcome? Explosive flavors in every dish. We're not just talking the talk; we're dedicated to using the freshest, top-quality ingredients.

One bite, and you'll understand why we're the talk of the town. Don't wait, savor the Jamit Bistro's difference. Your taste buds will applaud!

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